District Governor’s Partners Appeal

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May I start by thanking all that have given to my appeal Parkinson’s UK this year, you have all been generous and it is much appreciated and will be put to good use in our District 105CN.

I decided to support Parkinson’s disease through a local partnership of Parkinson’s UK. Both myself and John, have negotiated that all monies raised, will be spent within the geographical area of District 105CN, supporting people with Parkinson’s and families who have someone suffering with this condition.

Many of you will know that at present, there is no cure for this disease and that each person’s symptoms are different, but medications can and do help and enable many sufferers to lead reasonably long and productive lives.

Every hour within the UK, two people will be given the news that they have this disease. It is a brain condition that turns families’ lives upside down because of the many uncertainties that accompany it. They never know what the next day will bring. One day can be normal; the next and future days may bring pain, tiredness and lack of control over movement. This can result in everyday activities becoming more difficult, but with thought processes continuing to work normally, this quite naturally prove very frustrating for the sufferer. Medications can help tremendously with this.

Unfortunately, like so many things nowadays, there is little support for this condition. Parkinson’s UK strives to provide the help and support required by both the sufferer and their families by offering support groups, advice, helplines and carers. They actively work to raise awareness of this condition and give financial support to fund ongoing research.

Many well-known people have or had Parkinson’s. Those best known to us all are Mohammed Ali, Michael J Fox and more recently Billy Connolly. The latter still performs on stage, though not as actively as he once did.

Why have I chosen this charity, well in February my husband John was diagnosed with this cruel disease but he still has all his faculties I think but he is not as active as he once was and he finds it annoying at times his body doesn’t do what he wants or thinks he can do, but the brain works at the same speed.

John has recently volunteered to go on a program of trials to try and find out what causes this disease and help look for a solution in the future.

So I do hope you can help with a donation this year and every penny donated will go to help within the area of 105CN. Once again thanks to all those who have donated so far and thanks to all those who are holding events to support this great cause.


Thank You.


Lion Wendy Chambers DG’s Wife